GANEN is a distributor of innovative home automation products.
Our products are designed and specially curated to provide your homes and

your families with a perfect level of efficiency, comfort and peace of mind.

We specialise in smart home and internet-enabled appliances that bring you

the comfort and efficiency that you deserve.

Reliability and innovation go together which is why our products are time-tested.

With our products, you can make your home a true safe haven.

We believe that when you spend less time worrying about mundane things about your home such as construction and electricity bills, you spend more time with

your loved ones in your elegant and personally transformed home.

We hope that our products bring you joy from the moment you say “I’m home.” 


To continuously reinvent automation as a service that creates functions extremely meaningful to our users.


To be the trusted name in automation for every space. The Idea - To provide worry-free home automation solutions for every household throughout SEA and South Asia, and to be leaders in innovation of internet-enabled products that are highly desirable in both form and function.


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