Contemporary, clean and sleek looking, the S-series switches have been a popular choice of many. It sits well in a modern minimalist design and needless to say, its Wireless Radio-frequency signal is kinetically powered (no battery required)

Types Available
Compatible for True-master switch programming and dimming controls. Gang: 1-Gang / 2-Gang / 3-Gang
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Features & Advantages

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Kinetically Self-Powered Switch

No batteries, no wiring, Kaes adopts MEA (Micro-Energy-Acquisition) harvesting power-generation technology. Kinetic energy is generated with a light press on the Kaes Switch, efficiently converting kinetic to electrical energy.

Reliable Wireless Communication

Kaes’ communication protocol is based on ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical) frequency operating over a 433MHz radio band.


Single Control, Multiway Control, Master Control, Scene Control

Unique Applications

Easily mount onto mirrors, glass walls, stone walls, carpentry, fridge, table-tops, cabinet doors with adhesives.

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