Welcome Home:
Part 1

Our smart home solutions offers a comprehensive range of devices and systems to automate and control your home. There are several ways that home automation can be tailored to your lifestyle.

Welcome Home: Part 1

Customised scenario for an inviting home welcome.

Highlighting an ecosystem that provides customised control and automation over auto-gate, blinds/curtains, soft on/off with dimming lightings and biometric door locks.

Reaching Home?

Toggle your welcome home scenario, pre-set to your preferences.


Seamlessly integrated and automated via custom scenario.

Soft On/Off Dimmable Lights

Fully automated to turn on at your favourite spots when home.

Biometric Door Locks

Once unlocked, triggers welcome home scenario that automates lightings, AC, TV, blinds/curtains for ease of convenience.

Peace Of Mind

Fully automated and save you the hassle of getting into that relaxation mood.

Water Heater Automation

A smart solution that is compatible with most water heater brands and customizable to your needs.

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Welcome Home: Part 1

A customised solution for an inviting home welcome.

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Movie Time

Dimmable lights, smart curtains, in-app control. For that lazy movie days.

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Welcome Home: Part 2

Launching Soon.

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